Trade Smarter....Trade Better!

"Take control of your financial future! Now is the perfect time to evaluate your investing performance and resolve to take a more businesslike and systematic approach to trading so that you are well prepared to maximize your profits during the next bull market!"

Successful trading is simple but it is not easy. In order to be a profitable trader you need to follow these steps:

If this is all that is required to be a successful trader, then why do the majority of traders lose money?:


TRADING RULE #1 – Market Portfolio

The first step in developing you trading strategy is to identify a diversified portfolio of markets that you will trade. Your portfolio will include equities, bonds, commodities and currencies.

TRADING RULE #2 – Identify Potential Trade Set-ups

The next step is to identify the specific filter criteria that you will use to identify potential trade set-ups for the strongest trending markets within your market portfolio.

TRADING RULE #3 - Entering the Trade

Once you have a watchlist of potential trade set-ups you will need to identify a clear trigger that you use to enter the trade without second guessing the decision.

TRADING RULE #4 - The Stop Loss Exit

Before you enter any trade you need to define the price in which you will get out if the trade does not go as originally planned. You need to accept the reality that you be wrong more than you will be right.

TRADING RULE #5 - Money Management

Money management is the most important component of your trading strategy. Money management defines, before you enter the trade, how much money you are willing to lose if your trade does not go as planned.

TRADING RULE #6 - The Profit Stop Exit

Once you are in a winning trade you need to resist the urge to sell your profitable positions and let the trade continue so you can capture as much of the trend as possible. This will ensure that you trading strategy is profitable.