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Profitable trading is nothing more than a few simple disciplines executed daily!

My goal is to provide you with a step-by-step process to help you create and implement a profitable, systematic, rules-based, trading strategy! Using the tools and resources on this site you'll learn how to create a trend following trading strategy that matches your personality and only takes 15 minutes a day to execute. Trend following trading has been used by some of the worlds best traders including Tom Basso, Jerry Parker, Ed Seykota, Richard Dennis and the Turtle Traders to outperform the market for decades. Now you can follow in their footsteps and build your personalized trend following trading strategy!

Successful trading is simple but it is not easy. In order to be a profitable trader you need to follow these steps:

If this is all that is required to be a successful trader, then why do the majority of traders lose money?:

How to Build a Systematic, Rules-Based, Trading Strategy

Your goal as a trend following trader is to develop a systematic, rules-based, trading strategy that removes emotions from the trading process. Through backtesting you will confirm that your strategy has a positive expectancy, or an edge; and, therefore, you will take all signals generated by your strategy. The trading rules must be very clear and straight forward. Your trading strategy will include the following Trading Rules:

  1. 1. Which markets to trade
  2. 2. Identify potential trade set-ups
  3. 3. Entering the trade
  4. 4. Stop Loss Exit
  5. 5. Money Management
  6. 6. Profit Stop Exit

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Trading Rule #1 - Which Markets to Trade

Trading Rule #2 - Identify potential trade set-ups

Trading Rule #3 - Entering the Trade

Trading Rule #4 - Stop Loss Exit

Trading Rule #5 - Money Management

Trading Rule #6 - Profit Stop Exit