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Profitable trading is nothing more than a few simple disciplines executed daily!

Our goal is to provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you create and implement a profitable, systematic trading strategy! Using our tools and resources you'll learn how to create a trend following trading strategy that matches your personality and only takes 15 minutes a day to execute. Trend following trading has been used by some of the worlds best traders including Tom Basso, Jerry Parker, Ed Seykota, Richard Dennis and the Turtle Traders to outperform the market for decades. Now you can follow in their footsteps and build your personalized trend following trading strategy!

Successful trading is simple but it is not easy. In order to be a profitable trader you need to follow these steps:

If this is all that is required to be a successful trader, then why do the majority of traders lose money?:

Our Trading Strategy Workbook & Journal will help streamline the process.

Trader Testimonials:

Denise B.

"I have been trying to figure out trading for several years. I get overwhelmed with all the different strategies, so I quit. I love this 4 month Trading Journal as it gives me a plan to follow for each day, week, and month. It also helps me identify my own trading plan."

Shawn L.

"Very well put together, Has everything that you need in it. Goals, Watch list, Trades you took. What you are thankful for. Even has a section where you can outline your strategy and trading rules! Keep up the great work Voodoo."

Terrance S.

"This is one of the most important purchases of my life. The simplicity and guidance inside this book allowed me to grow my trading career. I recommend to anyone looking to take their trading to another level."

How the Trading Strategy Workbook & Journal will help you trade better:

✔ Brainstorm a profitable trading strategy

✔ Define the specific rules of your strategy

✔ Confirm your strategy has an edge

✔ Execute your strategy using a daily checklist

✔ Trade only the strongest markets

✔ Scan the market daily for new set-ups

✔ Develop a watchlist of markets to trade

✔ Know when to enter a trade

✔ Manage your active trades

✔ Know when to sell your losing positions

✔ Know when to sell your winning positions

✔ Record trading statistics

✔ Document winning and losing trades

✔ Identify lessons learned

✔ Identify opportunities to improve strategy

✔ Replace your daily planner

✔ Define your monthly, weekly & daily goals

✔ Track your exercise & meditation routines

✔ Identify the good things in your life

How the Trading Strategy Workbook & Journal Works:

STEP 1 -Develop your Trading Strategy

The Trading Strategy Workbook section will coach you through the development of your systematic trading strategy with very specific trading rules that define: 1)What markets to trade, 2) Potential trade setups, 3) How to enter the trade, 4) How much to risk on the trade, 5) Your stop loss exit, 6) Your profit stop exit.

STEP 2-Backtest your Trading Strategy

To be a successful trader you must remove emotions from your trading. Once you have developed your trading strategy the journal will help you backtest it to ensure it is profitable. The ability to trust your system and consistently execute it is key to your trading success.

STEP 3 -Execute your Trading Strategy daily

The Trading Journal section includes a daily routine page that includes a detailed checklist of the steps you should go through to systematically execute your trading strategy. You will also set your daily goals and record your accomplishments. No need for a separate Daily Planner as this covers it all.

STEP 4- Prepare your Weekly Trading Plan

Every weekend you should take some time to review how the market performed during the previous week and prepare your trading plan for the coming week. You will identify your weekly goals, identify the strongest market sectors and review your watchlist so you are ready for the upcoming trading week.

STEP 5- Review your monthly performance

At the end of each month there is a monthly summary section where you will record your overall trading statistics and document individual trades. You will have a visual record of all your historical trades that you can review to see if there are any opportunities to improve your trading strategy.

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STEP 6- Enjoy the rewards of consistently executing a profitable Trading Strategy!

The following FREE Bonus material is included with the Trading Strategy Workbook & Journal!

Mini-Course - "How to get Started Building your Trading Strategy and using the Trading Journal" ($47 Value)

This video mini-course will walk you through how you can get started creating a profitable trading strategy that matches your personality and how you can use the Trading Journal to systematically execute your trading strategy.

Backtesting and Trading Spreadsheet ($29 Value)

You can use this excel spreadsheet to backtest your trading strategy and also to keep a record of all your actual trades. You can indicate your risk per trade and the spreadsheet will calculate #of shares to buy and initial stop loss exit price. The spreadsheet provides a great snapshot of your trading statistics.

See how our Trading Strategy Workbook & Journal can make you a better trader!