I have read numerous investing and trading books and I believe these are the essential ones . Although you can read these in any order I have listed them in the order I would suggest that new traders should read them.  These books don't promise Holy Grail trading systems but if you are committed to developing a profitable trading strategy, that fits your personality, the advice offered in these books is priceless!

This book is a great introduction to trading. I would recommend that all new traders start here first. This classic guide emphasizes that risk management and discipline are the keys to successful trading. It provides a great overview of the keys to developing your own trading strategy.  Learn More

Ask any successful trader what their favourite trading books are and they will inevitably put Jack Schwager's Market Wizard series at the top of the list.  This is the first book in the series and includes interview with trading legends such as Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones and Ed Seykota. Learn More 

Jack Schwager continues his interviews with some of the world's top traders including Tom Basso and William Eckhardt.  Although the traders interviewed trade different markets their success can be boiled down to the same essential formula: Solid Methodology + Consistent Execution = Trading Success. Learn More

One of the common traits of the world's top traders is that a significant percentage of them are trend following traders.  In this book Michael Covel goes into great detail explaining the trend following philosophy and that the key to trading success is executing straightforward and repeatable rules.  Learn More

This is the true story behind Wall Street legend Richard Dennis, his disciples, the Turtles, and the trading techniques that made them millionaires.  Dennis took trading novices and taught them his simple investment rules and philosophy and set them loose to consistently execute the trading strategy. Learn More

 This book is filled with sound trading advice and lots of ideas you can use to develop your trading methodology. It teaches the principles that are necessary to make you a great trader. In the book Van stresses that psychological preparedness, expectancy, and money management are the keys to trading success.  Learn More

Most traders are not successful because they don't stay objectively focused or they lack the necessary confidence to execute their trades properly.  This book teaches traders to think in terms of probabilities and that they should tune out the market noise and focus on consistently executing their trading strategy. Learn More

 To be a successful trader you need to have a basic understanding of technical analysis.  This is a great reference source that explains the concepts of technical analysis and their application in the financial markets.  You will find yourself continually referencing this book throughout your trading career, Learn More

This book was first published in 1923 and it is one of the most widely read, highly recommended investment books ever.  Although this book was published almost 100 years ago the lessons in the book and its take on crowd psychology are just as relevant today as they were in 1923. Definitely a must read! Learn More

This is a true life story about a professional dancer who educated himself in trading and turned a small account into over $2,000,000.  This a great example of how someone with no financial training can develop a personalized, straight-forward, trading strategy, consistently execute it and achieve financial freedom.  Learn More

This is the follow up book to the bestselling book Trading for a Living.  In this book Dr. Elder reviews trading basics along with the crucial psychological tactics for the discipline and organization skills that all successful traders require.  The book includes a section on the importance of using a Trading Journal .  Learn More

 Larry Hite was one of the traders featured in Jack Schwager's Market Wizards book.  This book is full of great trading advice and humorous antidotes from one of the worlds best traders.  It is an inspiring story of how a dyslexic, visually impaired youth became a legendary multi-millionaire Market Wizard. Learn More