What is Voodoo Trading?

After over thirty years of trading experience, and after studying the trading methods of the worlds most successful traders, it is clear to me that there are very specific rules that all successful trading strategies must adhere to.

As a trader your Facebook and Instagram feeds are probably full of advertisements from so call "gurus" promising huge returns if you sign up for their signal following services where they will send you their "hot stock picks".

Unfortunately they don't usually disclose their trading rules so there is no way you can determine if their strategy is a fit with your personality.  As such after successive losses it becomes difficult to execute all their trade recommendations so you never get close to replicating their "advertised" results.

At Voodoo Trading we understand that you won't become a successful trader following other peoples trading recommendations.  You need to be self-sufficient to succeed as a trader. 

How can Voodoo Trading make you a better trader?

Voodoo Trading's goal is to make you an independent trader in control of your own trading success by offering the following resources:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to develop a written, systematic, rules-based trading strategy that you understand and can implement even during the most challenging market conditions. Your trading strategy will clearly identify:
      • What markets to trade,
      • How to identify potential trade set-ups,
      • How to enter the trade,
      • How much to risk on the trade,
      • How to determine your initial stop loss exit,
      • How to determine your profit stop exit.
  • Once traders understand these rules they can develop a profitable trading strategy that they fully understand and fits their personality. Successful traders understand that there is no holy grail trading strategy, there are hundreds of ways to make money in the market
  • An overview on how to backtest your trading system to ensure it is profitable and has an edge.
  • Outline a daily routine so you can systematically execute your strategy.
  • Provide traders with a monthly routine to record trading statistics and document individual trades.
  • Ensure traders are continually optimizing their trading strategy.
  • Trading related podcast and book reviews highlighting trading ideas from the world's best traders.
  • Provide webinars and coaching sessions to help traders improve.

If you have any questions you can e-mail me at info@voodootrading.com

Please join our Voodoo Trading Facebook Group where members can discuss trading strategy development and how to journal their way to better trading.

Let Voodoo Trading help you build the trading strategy that works for YOU! 

Trade Smarter, Trade Better!


Bruce Grundon