The Voodoo Trading Journal


The Voodoo Trading Journal will coach you through the development of a personalized systematic trading strategy that is easy for you to confidently execute.  You will build your trading strategy using the same trading rules used by the world's most successful traders. 

Once you have developed your trading strategy the Voodoo Trading Journal will provide you with a systematic process to ensure you consistently implement your strategy.

The format of the Voodoo Trading Journal is:

  • 8 1/2" x 11", 3/4" thick, 207 pages
  • Printed on heavy 28 lb. bright white paper
  • Spiral bound to lay flat for comfortable writing
  • Durable rigid mylar coated cover

The Developing a Trading Strategy Section of the journal includes the following:

  • Detailed trading rules that are used by the world's best traders
  • Details on how to use these rules develop your personalized trading strategy
  • A two page synopsis of your systematic trading strategy rules which you will follow for every trade
  • Details on how to backtest your strategy so you have confidence that it works

Once you have developed your trading strategy the Voodoo Trading Journal provides you with a daily routine to ensure you execute your trading strategy. The Daily Routine Section of the journal includes the following:

  • Undated - flexible start date
  • Covers a four month period
  • Each month has 31 daily routine pages to plan out your trading day
  • The page for each day includes:
    • Daily inspirational trading quotes
    • General daily goals
    • Checklist to ensure you implement your trading rules including:
      • Scanning for new potential trade set-ups to add to watchlist
      • Reviewing watchlist to identify new trading opportunities
      • Reviewing existing holdings to confirm stop loss and profit exits
    • Space for general journal entries/ notes
    • Summary of exercise and mediation routine to reduce stress
    • Gratitude entries to keep trading in perspective

At the end of each month there is a monthly summary section where you can record your overall trading statistics and document individual trades.  The Monthly Summary Section of the journal allows you to record the following:

  • Monthly goals and general journal entries/notes
  • Record monthly opening and closing trading account balance
  • Document account gains and losses
  • Space to attach a chart for each trade
  • Document buy and sell data for each trade
  • Document gains and losses for each trade
  • Record lessons learned for each trade

We are exited for you to join the many satisfied clients who have taken their trading to the next level using the Voodoo Trading Journal!