How We Trade Our Systematic, Rules-Based, Trading Strategy

  • Would you like some Sugar in your Coffee?

    Everyday after the market closes we scan our trading portfolio of approximately 50 markets to identify the markets that are showing strength and should be added to our watchlist.
  • Spotlight Trade - China ETF

    Over the past month or so there has been a lot of talk about the lifting of covid lockdowns and restrictions being lifted in China and the impact it will have on Chinese and international equity and commodity markets. The reopening of China is currently being perceived by the markets as a good news but this narrative could change later in 2023 if increased commodity prices impact inflation and governments around the world have to further increase interest rates.

  • Spotlight Trade - Gold Index ETF

    In todays issue: Step-by-Step overview of Spotlight Trade - Gold Index ETF Update on active trades Trading Rule #1 -Market Portfolio The Gold...
  • New Uptrends developing in Materials?

    Welcome to our weekly blog where we walk you through the execution of  our systematic, rules based trading strategy. This week we review the new additions to our watchlist this week, look at a position where our stop loss was hit and at the end of the blog we will review the performance of our active trades.


  • Breakout in Gold?

    In this weeks edition of "How we Trade Our Systematic, Rules-Based, Trading Strategy" we review new additions to our watchlist, discuss a new entry signal in Gold and review our active trades.
  • Taking Profit on Wheat

    The Wheat ETF, WEAT,  is one of the over fifty markets that we follow and review daily. We added it to our watchlist in the second half of 2021  ...
  • Bullish on Crude Oil

    Oil is one of the over fifty markets that we follow and review daily.  We added Oil to our watchlist because it exhibited characteristics of a tre...